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Preserve special memories of those you love with a portrait

We love! It is a most human response to what we value. I am Sharyn Richardson, the Light Pixie; let me tell your story through fine art photographs and paintings that capture the essence of those who share your life. Who or what do you love? If you enjoy my work, please allow me to create your own heirloom memory! Prices are very reasonable and you owe nothing until you’re completely satisfied. Your privacy is always protected and nothing is shared unless I have your express-written permission.

Dogs in the Family

Whether bred or rescued, kennel club registered or an everyday mutt, every dog I’ve ever painted was a very loved family member. The slideshow shows my work over the past few years. One of these dogs is famous, others do important work, but they all have special stories told in the blog. Many are now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge ‘though alive in someone’s happy memories. Others still wag their tails and lick a loving hand, spreading smiles and joy to their families.

Kanuga, a flute and hammered dulcimer blues composition by Bill Leslie, accompanies Dogs in the Family. Your choice of full screen or speakers OFF as you prefer. Follow the Blog link to read what’s new at Light Pixie Studio.

I would be honored to have you subscribe to my blog. As it can take months to complete a canvas, the Light Pixie Studio blog stays fresh with new photographs and thoughts about what I love including family life, flying my airplane, animals who make me smile, and all things uplifting.

Use the Subscribe-Connect tab above. Email Sharyn for details on the same tab or direct to Sharyn-at-LightPixieStudio.com. Leave a note to say hello. Many images are available for sale or download. Mention a 10% discount off prints or any original-commission work as my thank you for watching and reading this far.