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What is a Light Pixie?

Shooting toward the sun can create circles of light on the image that are often reflected in rainbow color. Light is pure energy, always in motion, and at the root of life. That the camera captures them is fine science and may be used imaginatively to enhance the image. From the sun to the lens to pixels of light, they were the inspiration for our name, Light Pixie!

There’s a bigger story in this simple moment and a very lucky shot that is not composited—from what I call the “light pixies” to the fade from inside to out, it’s what the camera saw.

It was a bright sunny day in early April and I was at the south side of the big garage looking in one of the windows with full, hot sun at my back. The dark circle is the barrel of my lens held an inch away from the glass which shadowed the interior of our garage. Everything inside that circle is inside the garage; outside the circle are mirrored grass, fields, paths, and tree line on the horizon and across the valley behind me. This place is Paul’s domain, a place he loves to work, with many of the tools he needs to keep this place in good repair. Paul is a thinker who loves to ponder life, decipher issues, solve problems, and analyze philosophically while he works, his very own Inner Sanctum.

So here you see the rear of the tractor with chains still on from winter, a pile of green rubber hose, a cardboard box that arrived that day with supplies. Beyond that is the hardware inventory of screws and bolts and more; the grey u-shaped handle belongs to our snow blower. The crossing sash strips of the casement window threw angles on the orange handle of the rototiller at corner left. Where the two pair of equipment handles seem to merge into the grass, it’s just bright reflection finally overcoming the shadows. And beyond that is the inside of the main garage door.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Those circle-spots are what I call light pixies, otherwise known as lens flare or bokeh. And reflected in the rear window of the tractor is the very window through which I’m shooting. Notice the outline of bare tree branches on the far hill behind me. And finally, notice the reflection of the same window this time showing the green grass on which I’m standing outside the garage. It looks like two additional windows but in fact is the original window reflected at different angles by the curved front windshield of the tractor as seen through its back window.

  • Light Pixie - Hi Amy! Actually in this image the camera was handheld, no tripod as we call it in the US. I do own one, however, and it isn’t fancy, actually just an inexpensive Suncast brand (around $25 I recall). But it works very well as long as the wind isn’t strong. I also have a very cool Manfrotto clamp that is very sturdy and attaches easily to almost anything.ReplyCancel

  • Shari Sterba - Hi Sharon,
    My mom, Mary, lives in Hillsboro and sent me a link to your website. It’s very cool! Thanks for sharing.You have some beautiful work!

    • Light Pixie - We think very highly of your parents, Shari. Most artists starve for recognition more than new commissions. So thank you for your kind comments; they’re very appreciated! SharynReplyCancel

  • Amy - I've been sgiltgurng to get my light out and over the camera and I see you sued a boom to do that in this shot. Any particular insight required on a boom, or is it a "just go get one" kinda thing?ReplyCancel

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