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The Big Melt . . . finally!

Landscapes by common understanding are large in scope and scale. When we think landscape we think big and it’s no less so for the photographer behind their lens. Regular readers know that I’ve been thinking a lot about the big melt, anticipating, hoping that it would happen soon or even eventually. Night temperatures are still single digit but the sun is getting stronger every day. This morning I found first evidence that the big melt is underway . . . finally!

This photograph shows a small scale landscape with all the elements of larger ones. In this Lilliput world there is a moss meadow with grass blade trees, falling water, base rock, an ocean creek, and a glacier mountain hollowed out by rising warmth as frost comes out of the ground. Bigger is not always better. I like this small, simple scene–serene, focused, uncomplicated, natural. What a beautiful way to say farewell to winter and welcome spring!

This image does fair justice to the ice crystal cavern at center right. To get it right I blended five images, not bracketed shots for exposure but to capture color in the ice. I added a vignette centered on the crystals along with a wide gaussian blur on the edges to draw your eye into the recesses of that cave and your thoughts. Do tell what you think of it please.

The Big Melt

  • Jo Preston - This picture makes me happy. There are a lot of things in life that are beautiful, but none more creatively so than nature. You captured such a surprise here!ReplyCancel

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