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Winter is persistent! March 2018 came and went as a lion. We woke to frost goblins and tonight there will be more snow. But this day announced itself with sunshine that soon after revealed a secret. Life-listing birder Thirty years ago I was a novice birder with a growing list. At that time I lived […]

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Springside Pond It’s been warming all morning and well into the afternoon finally reaching 10 degrees by mid-afternoon. That’s in Farenheit for my Celsius friends who will recognize minus twelve. It may be spring by the calendar but it’s still deep winter here in Richwood Valley! And in the frame below all the tracks in […]

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First morning out! Click any image to see them all full-sized. It’s the 18th of March and there’s a white-out snow storm happening. By now the crocuses should be up and basking in sunshine while enduring nighttime cold. Instead we have rafters of wild turkey by the dozens parading in the side yard with heads […]

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