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Sharyn Richardson, the Light Pixie

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Light Pixie Studio

Sharyn Richardson, the Light Pixie

Traditional training – modern techniques

So much has changed in the decades since I learned to draw and paint. Eventually I owned dozens of brushes, paint tubes, easel and tabouret. The acrid smell of solvents and waiting days to have one layer dry enough to paint into or on it were unavoidable. I learned to clean my brushes in canola oil and bars of astringent soap. Even then a new brush was an investment that never lasted quite as long as I thought it should. I stretched my own canvases and learned the hard way that most people prefer standard sizes.

Computers were essential during my non-art, professional life and eventually their potential as a tool for art became clear. Today I shoot with a full-frame Canon, L-series lenses, and electronic brushes on a Wacom tablet. I’ve owned and loved Nikon too. These are amazing technologies that didn’t exist twenty years ago and they allow me to be more productive and to have more control over the final image!


My goal is to exceed your expectations!

In the beginning I honed my craft with gifts to family and friends. Fifteen years ago I launched the next step to a gallery exhibit. An agent found me, satisfied customers told their friends, and now I’m a busy and happily productive artist. Hard work suits me! There’s always a camera at hand and I frame images in my mind’s eye even when there isn’t. I walk to zoom and love the post production process too.

Sometimes I’m asked if my paintings are digitally enhanced photographs. No, they aren’t. I may begin with a photograph as reference because I don’t know your loved one as you do. But each stroke is individual and unique, mixed and applied brush stroke by brush stroke to reveal the individual’s look and their personality. There is no photograph at all in the finished painting; it is fully my interpretation of their story, a unique creative result.



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