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Life’s Short Eat Candy!

Montrose Candy Co.

Montrose Candy Co.

Life’s Short Eat Candy! In the foothills of Los Angeles above North Glendale is a wishing place for your sweet tooth. The Montrose Candy Co. is an old-fashioned candy emporium for everything sweet, where childhood favorites compete for your attention with precious bon-bons, jewel-toned gummies, French macaroons, and other gourmet treats. It is a lure to the unwary, calling out, “See me! Over here and scrumptious! Can you really resist?” When in doubt their motto is, “Life’s Short Eat Candy!” and repeated twice for effect.

Retro-Hip and Flamboyant  The entire candy store boasts a retro-hip décor and a note on the store website invites tv and film crews for location shooting. But it was the flamboyant store front that attracted this itinerant photographer on an April night. With no tripod at hand, a nearby parking meter stood duty for a three second exposure at ISO 800 f/4.5.

What’s the big deal? The double carousels in the window are lit with flexible neon strips casting their hot pink glow over all while the store’s exterior glows orange from energy-excited sodium street lamps. On a cool spring night this combination of hot colors was just right to warm me. I might have been tempted inside had the store been open.

Yes, life IS short and I’m no purist. But the less candy I eat the better–at least this time in Montrose standing before an iconic and beautiful candy store.