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Your Memories Preserved

Light Pixie Sharyn Richardson specializes in professional, highest quality images. Whether in a fine art photo or a painting, she’s in business to capture your memories.

Every customer is unique and your input is important to a successful project. We begin with a conversation to learn what you want, what memory or event is to be portrayed. Sharyn will ask for a photo or two to show the individual’s facial features. Elements in the background, clothing worn, and overall color scheme convey the mood and hint at the personality within. From start to finish the project can take from a few weeks to several months depending on other work in process.

Pepper was an old dog with a young heart. Oh how he loved his girl! His family commissioned this painting when they saw his decline. He lived a long, good life and is now remembered fondly by them all.

Badger Fans

  • Mary - Your comment about people preferring standard sizes allows them to do their own framing with readymades.
    I owned an art and frame shop here in the ‘Boro and sold readymades as well as custom framing. Even had a do-it-yourself counter for those that wanted to save a bit. Some customers thought that if they only paid a dollar for the print that they shouldn’t pay anymore for the frame.ReplyCancel

    • admin - You were so smart, Mary, to provide a variety of products and services. I appreciate the clients who know what they want. I’m working on a painting right now for a gentleman with very specific ideas; it’s a great collaboration. I let him be him and he lets me be the artist! Most of all–like you–I want a satisfied customer, someone who will come back and who will recommend me.ReplyCancel

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