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Happy Valentine’s Day!

What do we love in another?

Is it their thoughtfulness, generous spirit, cheerfulness, that they are trustworthy, patient, and loving? Perhaps that they are capable and kind, self-aware and wise, confident and disciplined, maybe even that their ambitions are a complement to your own.


Dogs are People Too

Meet Raeven, sweet girl, who is all of these things and more to Steve and Lorna. She has been their day-to-day Valentine for more than 90 dog-years. And she still bounds into each day with enthusiasm and playfulness.

When every day is Valentine’s Day

Here we see her waiting on the back porch stairs as she always does, as she always has. Where every day is Valentine’s Day. Beside her mature self is the puppy of her own childhood. She smiles like that and sits like that, relaxed and happy and in love with her family.

Life’s Doggy Bag

Her wish for everyone is that they have someone special, someone who waits and listens for a recognized footstep, the sound of a familiar engine rounding the corner near home. Someone who’s idea of Valentine’s Day is to share life’s doggy bag with YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and everyone you love!