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Happy New Year – On the Road

Happy New Year 2018

On the road with a friend

This is my newest painting, On the Road, for a grandfather who fondly recalls when his granddaughter was barely taller than his favorite dog. The big, lovable Lab cast himself as protector for the small girl as they walked down a country road. The dog is patient and she goes confidently by his side because it’s a partnership of love and trust.

I’ve been absent from the Light Pixie Studio blog for far too long. I’ve been extra busy with several jobs including this one and several others for retouching and restoration. Two years ago I joined a professional coaching group. I’m a forever student, never too old or too experienced to stop learning. Main incentives were to see inspiring work from other professionals, to be challenged by them, and to stretch my boundaries. There is so much incredible, amazing talent in the photography and painting communities.

The hardest part for me was within. Sticking with the program, being forced to create even when I wasn’t feeling creative, having required public critiques, meeting so many artists in the coaching community with the same doubts, but also hearing what was right and good in my work. It’s been liberating. It’s a long path that doesn’t end. Like the title of this new painting, I’m also On the Road!

Whatever path you choose in the new year, may it lead to good places! May 2018 be the most satisfying new year of your life. Be productive and joyful. May you share your path with others you admire, trust, and love. New Year