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Graffiti – Felony Art or Urban DaVinci?

TriBeCa-Triangle Below Canal Street, New York City


I’m working on a new project. Urban Art is its name. Shapes, materials and colors can be inviting without understanding the message or endorsing it. Graffiti happens everywhere in the world, has always happened even in ancient times. Wall scribbles evolved into nuanced shapes, letterplay, wordplay, political opinion, social life, defacement, public spaces, murmurs of discontent, impromptu murals, urban art.

It was first performed with a stick which evolved into more sophisticated tools. The instruments of choice today are spray paint and permanent markers!

There are schools of thought about graffiti and lively art criticism on if or where the line is crossed from art to vandalism. Without the property owner’s consent it’s considered a crime in most countries. New York City has proffered legal graffiti zones on public property which takes the argument out of it, spoiling the fun for some. Yes, it is an art form but it’s also the bane of law enforcement and property owners. It’s political theater and polemics. And worth a second look!

Take a further look below and then tell us what you think and why. Is it Felony Art or Urban DaVinci?

Meatpacking District, Manhattan


DUMBO-Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Brooklyn

The Gangs All Here

DUMBO-Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Brooklyn

Birth Explained

DUMBO-Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Brooklyn


Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Everything is Driven by You

DUMBO-Down Under the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn

True Love USA


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