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Forever Plaid


Two little girls in their holiday jumpers with a pair of patient cats

Here we have two little girls recorded in a Polaroid tucked away until the colors faded. Now grown to women with children of their own, I was asked to recreate in a painting what they remembered. My color palette typically runs to rich hues and cool blues which suited the jewel tones in their jumpers and the eyes of their cats.

The cats were easy. But it was my most difficult challenge to paint the girls as they saw themselves. After many versions, it is now finished and cherished. I learned a valuable lesson. Rather than trying to fix what isn’t working, it’s often easier to start fresh with new eyes. In the long run it would have been faster too! Starting anew turned the challenge of Forever Plaid into an important success.

The girls and their plaid jumpers are now a tangible, forever kind of memory for these sisters!