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A Fiery Autumn

Nature can be fickle then turn on season’s dime to pay back for all the trouble. 2012 was a droughty year and when the rains finally came in July some benefitted while others were just a little too south or received just a little too little and late.

Then came blazing September with fiery reds and oranges and golden in intensities and shades that few can remember! They say it’s the drought that gets the credit. Nature’s apology for making trouble!

I fly a small airplane that takes us far and wide. It doesn’t fly very fast but lets us explore the scenery slipping past underneath. This is a Fiery Maple Arch that I wouldn’t have discovered but for flying over a lucky route and a stunning quarter-mile long driveway in a hidden valley. See what we saw in the second photo below.

Fiery Maple Arch

Fiery Maple Arch

Imagine beautiful countryside in every direction, then tucking over a ridge to find a fairytale farm with a long, manicured avenue of maple trees, balanced, symmetrical, ablaze! Such good work should be rewarded! To thank those who planned and cared for that archway, I sought them on the ground with the gift of an enlargement. In my coming and going underneath their arch of trees, I found a paradise of color, their own special place, worthy of their work and a certain reward. For them of course, and for me as well!

Above the Fire