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Let the Feasting Begin – A Corgi Merry Christmas!

Corgi Merry Christmas
Let the Feasting Begin
One successful painting begets another!

A year ago I painted a commission of a very special Pembroke Corgi which I posted here as Lifetime Achievement together with the portrait and story of Northwynd Everlasting “Sprite” who won the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club National Specialty. Recently that commission brought another.

A Corgi Merry Christmas!

A white and Merry Christmas is upon us. Here we have two other Pembroke Corgis, Lu Lu and Aggie, who were invited to the holiday table. Through the back window cold snow and freezing rain lay heavily upon the lawn. This pair waits patiently for what they hope will be more than savory smells but a true Corgi Merry Christmas! Sharyn finished this painting called Let the Feasting Begin just in time as it is to be a surprise found under someone’s Christmas tree next week.

Corgis are easily recognized for their beautiful fur and short legs. As a breed they are known for intelligence and loyalty. Vigorous, lively pets, they are good with children and make excellent watch dogs. When bound for the show ring, animals are trained with food as their primary reward so it took great discipline for this pair to pose with such inviting smells so near! A product of careful breeding at Encore Corgis where traits of beauty, confirmation, and disposition are prized, these two were also the beloved pets of the client who commissioned this painting as a special gift for his wife’s Christmas.

A good chance to learn

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about animals that are famous in their own circles but about which I knew nothing. Their owners are always generous to share with me the qualities of character and nature that make their animals special. It is my job to figure out how to illustrate these abstractions in a concrete way.

A successful year for Light Pixie Studio

It’s been a very busy year for Light Pixie Studio. This is the last commission promised for Christmas giving. Phew! There are three more to begin after New Year. I know my readers are very busy too. My goal at the Light Pixie blog is to show images that tell good stories and write in a compelling, concise way. I want to inspire creativity, give a bit of knowledge and pleasure, and to never waste your time.

A renewed resolution!

I am renewing last year’s resolution once again–it is to keep writing and painting and photographing and moreover to post more regularly if not more often. Thank you for stopping by to look and to read. I value each one of you and the likes or comments you share. Thanks especially to those who buy my work and the many others who’ve signed up for blog updates.

Wishing each of you time to spend with those you love, joyous memories, and a warm place to shelter from winter’s cold. May the New Year bring happiness to you and yours!

Sharyn Richardson