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Winter Colors in Richwood Valley


Frosty Window

Mid-January is late for a full descent of winter but today was the day. Frost painted the windows at dawn and left icy surprises on the walks.

I’ve been trying to capture an image like this for a while. A macro lens and turning off the auto-focus feature turned the trick. Otherwise it kept pinging the inner pane between the lens instead of where the frosty signature actually was on the outer glass.

Canon L-series macro lens, EF 100mm IS USM, f2.8, Av, ISO 400, 1/125s.

Winter Fruit

Late afternoon with the sun tucking behind the hills . . . color developed in the sky beyond my favorite winter fruit. I’ve painted the same American highbush cranberries in previous Januaries and they never disappoint.

Canon EFS 17-85mm IS-USM f4.0, Av ISO 400, 1/60